Self Storage For Your Business

For the small business, contractor, sales rep, or community organization

use self storage for your business

We have the perfect business storage to fit your specific needs.  Whether you’re a small business, a contractor, a sales rep, a community organization, or you just need a temporary climate-controlled place to hide the body (just kidding!!), we are your ultimate storage destination.

Storage services differ slightly from our personal storage.  As with our personal storage, our Concierge Service we be with you from beginning to end and will work with you to determine a customized storage plan for your specific business needs.

Along with our already outlined personal concierge services, we offer the following extra amenities to our business clients:

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Printing, copying, and faxing
  • Professional shredding
  • Package acceptance
  • Individual lighting and electricity
  • Automatic door openers
  • Extended access hours
  •  Secure storage space

With a much lower cost per square foot than commercial space, you will have affordable month-to-month leasing, climate and non-climate controlled units, and convenient logistic services that provide you with flexibility and peace of mind.  Your only concern will be driving profits. 

Treat your business like a business, not a hobby.

You finally did it.  You took that leap of faith and started your own small business.  Business is good, maybe better than anticipated, and you are overwhelmed.  You started out working from home, and you finally found a space that you could afford but it has no extra space of any kind: storage or otherwise.  You can no longer find your dining room table, you and your spouse are sharing one car because you’re using the other one to store marketing materials (and sometimes to sleep in), and when you tried to do laundry you mistakenly destroyed the back-up printer…once it goes through the heavy duty cycle it’s never the same again. Treat your business like a business and lease storage space for that extra office equipment, inventory, marketing materials, and paper.  Maybe then you can sleep on your bed, which is now your new printer stand.

Are your heavy-duty vehicles appropriating most of your space, leaving no place for tools, supplies, and office equipment?  Do your neighbors frown on storing a backhoe on your front lawn and a crane next to the pool?  We can provide storage for most large vehicles and trailers (probably not the crane) and almost any type of equipment that you don’t use on a daily basis, not to mention your extra office paraphernalia and the HR person that you really don’t like.

You’re busy, you’re traveling, and you need a place to keep all of your literature and sales documents.  We offer smaller spaces that would be the perfect fit for you.  Inexpensive shelving will fit against the walls, positioning all of your materials at your fingertips. We know you like using your guest room as the unofficial library for these items because it keeps your in-laws from visiting.  This won’t work for long.  They’ll find a nearby hotel for sleeping and sit in your living room for the other 16 hours watching re-runs of “I Love Lucy” and “Wheel of Fortune”.  Wanna buy a vowel???

Keep your inventory stored with us and you can save money by purchasing in bulk and storing the excess.  For example, if you have the opportunity to buy 500 gross of “flip flops for the entire family,” you definitely don’t want to pass it up.  We have affordable storage for flip flops and any other merchandise that you carry.  Twenty-four hour video monitoring will keep curious competitors away from your flip flops and your truly valuable inventory.

Self Storage for Your Hobby or Community Oganization

Whether it’s the PTA, Cheerleaders, Band, Sports, Scouts, or any community organization, we know that someone is always in charge of the “stuff.”  If that person is you, don’t get stuck using your car trunk, garage, laundry room, extra bedroom, extra bathroom, or any other room for storage.  Use us.  We can store these things in a convenient, secure, climate-controlled space.  And then, next year, you can conveniently disappear and trick someone else into retrieving it.  You’ve done more than your share…we don’t judge.

A hobby can be an imaginative, relaxing outlet, until you look around at the clutter and chaos that accompanies most hobbies. It’s a mess, but you’re an artist; and, artists don’t clean up their messes. Ask Martha Stewart.  However, with the convenience of a clean, climate-controlled, worry-free space, to store your beads, yarn, fabric, felt, glue, and whatever tools you need, your creativity will be boundless. Maybe you like to create jewelry out of recycled soup cans, modern art out of empty insect repellant containers, and furniture out of petrified Play-Doh. Go for it.  When you’re finished, dump the stuff in your storage space.  You’re such a trend setter.

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In an effort to take better care of our customers, we offer a number of concierge level services to make sure your self storage experience is excellent. Our goal is to make your move problem-free. Here are just some of the services you can expect from our highly-trained team.

Concierge Serivces

  • Make your self storage reservation
  • Cancel or change your reservation
  • Tour the property to see different types and sizes of storage units
  • Explain the differences between different types of storage (indoor/outdoor/climate-controlled/carpeted, drive-up unit, and more)
  • If applicable, explain and tour car, motorcycle, boat or RV storage
  • Explain the move-in process
  • Explain how accessing your unit works (locks, key codes, hours)
  • Explain safety and security features
  • Assist with choosing and reserving moving truck or trailer for client
  • Provides the use of dollies or handcarts for customers
  • Show available packing supplies and work with customers to determine needs
  • Offer packing and storing tips and best practices
  • Clearly explain lease terms and billing
  • Explain any other amenities (coffee, beverages, wi-fi, etc.)
  • MOST IMPORTANTALY, be present on the day of move in to help with any questions, concerns, or related issues.
  • Be present on the day of move-out to offer any necessary assistance

Whatever your needs, Storage Plus has the perfect solution for you. We are committed to giving you a storage experience that’s caring and trustworthy. Our convenient locations are perfect for residents, businesses and students. We look forward to helping you soon!