Self Storage for Your Life

Face it…you will never have enough storage space.  

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Life happens, and when it does, self storage is the last thing that you think about…until your living space has become a home for small rodents and spoiled food. Don’t worry, we have your back!

Here is a small sample of the life changing events that prompt the need for extra storage.

You are super excited, and you want a special nursery for your precious new baby.  What are you going to do with all of the things that you have stored in that extra bedroom?  Don’t overcrowd the nursery closet or shove them into a corner of your bedroom.  Store those items safely until you are ready to move into that massive dream home with your seven kids, three dogs, two cats and a hyperactive ferret who likes to sleep in the dryer.  By that time you won’t be worried about overcrowding and the next new baby will sleep in the dryer with the ferret.

We can store your cherished belongings while you decide what to keep and what to dispose of.  He may not be ready to get rid of that extensive collection of beer bottles from across the globe and those athletic uniforms that he’s worn from kindergarten through college.  She may have 159 pairs of shoes, 76 handbags, and enough Holiday décor to decorate the entire neighborhood. You probably won’t start out with closets large enough to hold all of these items.  A beer bottle collection displayed in the formal dining room next to a 15 foot Christmas tree decorated with shoes just does not work for most people!  No need for arguments.  Store everything with us; you can visit your things 24 hours a day, every day.   

This can be one of the most stressful, time-consuming, and problematic events that you will ever face.  Don’t make it even more taxing by trying to maneuver around boxes, baskets, appliances, extra furniture, kids and pets. Yes, you could use your dishwasher as a plant stand or maybe an end table.  If you’re crafty, create the first ever cardboard box curio cabinet…a great conversation piece but not really the best option.  Store that stuff (and maybe one or two of the kids).

Until you have lived through the experience of moving a child to and from college for four to twelve years, you have no concept of the complexity of this task.  Do you want to move all of that furniture, décor, books, and just plain junk into your garage?  Fair warning…you will discover strange and scary things that you don’t remember seeing on the trip to college; and, we don’t mean moldy food and dirty clothes.  Use your imagination. Let us store everything on a month to month lease.  Don’t worry; we won’t be shocked.  We’ve seen it all.

When you’re trying to sell your home, make it more appealing to potential buyers. Store that furniture that looks like a combination of early depression era and Art Deco gone wrong.  We know. Buyers should be able to look past the décor that obviously isn’t included in the sale of the home, but they don’t seem to be able to wrap their brains around that concept.  And, insulting the homeowner is their favorite sport. HGTV is their world, and they want to live in it.  In the interest of selling your beautiful home quickly (and we know it really is beautiful), store the stuff and hire a stager to make it look like Pottery Barn.

This can be traumatizing.  We know that you’ll miss that large home in which you have accumulated enough clutter to fill several isles in Super Target.  We know that you miss the worry, sleepless nights, financial ruin, and exhaustion that come with parenting. But, the time has come.  Time to dispose of Jimmie’s chewed up, rotting pacifier and Janie’s Barbie doll that looks like she just took the “walk of shame.”  Not to mention the exercise bike you’ve had since 1974.  If you just cannot part with this debris, store it for a while (or forever) until you can come to terms with your new life.  

This is another transition that can be unspeakably stressful. Having a place to store your belongings can alleviate some of the anxiety that accompanies this event. Trying to divide belongings during a thorny divorce has caused arguments that make WWII look like a bunch of toddlers fighting over a half-eaten, slobbery chocolate chip cookie.  Look on the bright side.  You can hide your “special things” in a climate-controlled storage space.  We’ll never tell.

Sometimes life takes you on a sorrowful journey. 

This can be unspeakably sad for your elderly parents who have remained in the same home for their entire lives.  For them, leaving their home is like abandoning a loved one.  Their memories are more vivid than their current lives.  They try to give their belongings away, but can’t understand why these outdated, damaged, and mostly useless things aren’t desirable to their friends and family. Instead of calling a hauler or having an estate sale, store as many of their items as possible.  Examine them at your leisure, and, if possible, involve your loved ones in deciding how they can best be disposed of.

Death of a loved one brings a unique level of grief to every individual.  There may be a home to sell or an apartment to close.  Trying to determine how to dispose of the deceased’s belongings before you have made peace with this event can be overwhelming.  Having a place to store these items can provide you with the healing time that you need before you have to make these critical decisions.

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In an effort to take better care of our customers, we offer a number of concierge level services to make sure your self storage experience is excellent. Our goal is to make your move problem-free. Here are just some of the services you can expect from our highly-trained team.

Concierge Serivces

  • Make your self storage reservation
  • Cancel or change your reservation
  • Tour the property to see different types and sizes of storage units
  • Explain the differences between different types of storage (indoor/outdoor/climate-controlled/carpeted, drive-up unit, and more)
  • If applicable, explain and tour car, motorcycle, boat or RV storage
  • Explain the move-in process
  • Explain how accessing your unit works (locks, key codes, hours)
  • Explain safety and security features
  • Assist with choosing and reserving moving truck or trailer for client
  • Provides the use of dollies or handcarts for customers
  • Show available packing supplies and work with customers to determine needs
  • Offer packing and storing tips and best practices
  • Clearly explain lease terms and billing
  • Explain any other amenities (coffee, beverages, wi-fi, etc.)
  • MOST IMPORTANTALY, be present on the day of move in to help with any questions, concerns, or related issues.
  • Be present on the day of move-out to offer any necessary assistance

Whatever your needs, Storage Plus has the perfect solution for you. We are committed to giving you a storage experience that’s caring and trustworthy. Our convenient locations are perfect for residents, businesses and students. We look forward to helping you soon!