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December 27, 2018 Organization Tips

The art of Feng Shui has been an element of Chinese culture for about three thousand years. Early practitioners of Feng Shui were tasked with locating auspicious building sites for homes and businesses. An auspicious site is one where the vital energy, called Ch’i, is harmonious with human life.  Then a Bagua Map—a map of your space used to help with positioning certain items —is used. This sounds complicated, but to put it in laymen’s terms, the manmade structure should be in harmony with its natural surroundings.

To practice the ancient art of Feng Shui in today’s world, we need to blend the traditional Feng Shui wisdom with our personal intuitive and analytic knowledge. Because our Western homes and businesses present us with very different circumstances than those of the early Feng Shui practitioners, we must view our buildings from a different perspective. In most cases, we’re working with existing structures or building structures on plots of land that are less than perfect from a Feng Shui viewpoint.

Rearrange and Declutter

There is a saying in Feng Shui that goes, “Move 27 things and change your life.” When your life feels stagnant and doesn’t seem to be moving in the right direction, moving 27 things in your home or office is said to make a difference.  It can be as simple as moving candlesticks or pictures from one table to another or changing the throw pillows.  Or, you can completely rearrange your furniture. Having a self-storage unit makes this an easy fix.

Benefits of Self Storage

Having a stash of small items or pieces of furniture that will give you options is so convenient, and having a place to store the items you’re replacing is even better.  You don’t want to dispose of them because you’ll probably use them for your next “27 things” move.  Find a reputable, convenient self-storage company with the amenities that you need, outfit it with shelving and plenty of baskets and containers, and you can change up your space whenever you wish. Perfect!

In the meantime, the following tips will get you started in using Feng Shui to promote growth and prosperity in your life and in your business.

  • Health and Family Relationships In the appropriate Bagua area, the middle left area of your structure, add healthy plants, fresh cut flowers, pictures of friends and family and items that create a personal association, such as heirlooms, mementos, and athletic awards. Choose colors of blue and green for this area.
  • Wealth and Prosperity In the rear left area of your home or business, use items that call in the Ch’i energy, such as wind chimes, flags, and whirligigs. Display valuable collections, such as antiques, art, sculpture, coins, and crystal. Use plants with shiny, rounded, coin-shaped leaves, such as jade, impatiens, and begonias that bloom in reds, purples, and blues. Fountains and waterfalls symbolize the flow of money and prosperity.
  • Fame and Reputation In the rear middle area of your house, display awards, diplomas, trophies and acknowledgements. Provide pleasant lighting, including sunlight, candles, and lamps with soft lighting.
  • Love and Marriage In the rear right area of your space, exhibit pictures of your significant other.  Display items in pairs such as doves, dolphins, hearts, or lovers.  Use the colors of red, pink, and white.
  • Children and Creativity In the middle right area of your home, display pictures of children, whimsical items, and toys. Use handmade items and memorabilia from your own childhood.  Items made of metal, are suitable to enhance this area. The color choices for this area should be white and pastels.
  • Helpful People and Travel Place pictures of angels, your own personal mentors, clients, customers, and employees in this area. Use pictures of the special places where you have traveled and want to travel to and pictures that have personal association to your spiritual or religious beliefs.  The best colors for this area are white, gray, and black.
  • Career The career area is directly in the front middle of your home or office. Use mirrors, glass, and crystal items in this area.  Randomly shaped and freeform items are also appropriate for this space.  Use fountains or art depicting water, and add the colors of black, navy blue, deep maroon, chocolate brown, and charcoal gray.
  • Knowledge and Self-Cultivation This area is in the front left of your structure. Fill it with books and materials currently being studied and anything that has a personal associate to knowledge. Place pictures of teachers and wise people in contemplation in these areas.  Utilize the colors of black, blue, and green.

Following Feng Shui principles can be complex, but you may find that you have been intuitively using the principles all along.  For more information and detailed explanations and illustrations, there are numerous websites and books available.  An easy-to-understand favorite is The Western Guide to Feng Shui by Terah Kathryn Collins. Check it out—it may be your path to health, wealth, and blessings!!  Good luck!

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