Move into a Tiny House and Keep Your Belongings in Self Storage

March 23, 2021 Organization Tips / Self Storage / Tiny House

The tiny house movement gained popularity in 2008 when the housing market took a downturn. In 2012, Jay Shafer created a tiny house on wheels. He later marketed tiny houses, and they are still around today. The tiny house movement is both an architectural and a social movement embraced by minimalists and environmentalists. 


Even though the market for these tiny homes is limited (think claustrophobia), there are some families that are captivated by the idea of an environmentally friendly, basic lifestyle that allows for travel and adventure. The HGTV network quickly capitalized on the tiny home trend with the show, Tiny House, Big Living.


Television shows promote the fun and adventurous side of living in a tiny home, but they rarely, if ever, address the issue of what to do with the overflow from the owner’s original life. It’s not only the overflow that presents problems, but the everyday items that most people need for comfort: extra food, clothes, linens, paper goods, and toiletries.  If you’re going from a 3,500 square foot home to a 500 square foot home, you just might have a few things that you can’t take with you. This is where self storage comes into the picture.

Ways to Use Self Storage When You’re Living in a Tiny House

Self storage can alleviate some of the challenges faced when living in a tiny home. If you choose to live in a tiny home, you may find that eventually you want to return to a more conventional living arrangement. If you stashed all of your extra belongings in self storage, you’ll be ready to start over. 

If you do find that tiny home living is your perfect life, you’ll definitely need self storage for the items that can no longer find a home in your tiny living space.


No More Buying In Bulk

Say goodby to shopping in the wholesale big box stores. With so little space, you can no longer buy in bulk. You may save money on your living expenses, but shopping will be more expensive. You’ll be unable to take advantage of lower prices on sales and bulk items. Don’t worry – there is an option.

A 5 x 5 storage unit can become your new pantry, enabling you to buy paper products and non-perishable supplies in large quantities. Remember, storing food (even pet food) is prohibited in self storage units, but you may be able to store canned goods. Discuss your options with the store manager.


Important Documents Need Secure Storage

Depending on your lifestyle, you may have minimal documents or boxes full of business forms and tax materials. These are items that you probably don’t need on an everyday basis. Keeping a bulky, fireproof safe in your tiny house is not practical. The next best thing is a safe, secure self storage unit. You can keep a safe in your unit and retrieve important documents as necessary.


Clothing and Linens Take Up Serious Space

You don’t want to wear jeans and flip-flops to a wedding because you live in a tiny house. Clothing, accessories, and linens need serious storage space, especially if you live in an area with three or four seasons. A self storage unit has plenty of room for garment racks for your seasonal and dressy clothing and accessories. An extra chest of drawers or dresser would be perfect for your cozy comforters and other linens. 


Don’t Discard Your Holiday Decorations

Holiday decorations can take up a lot of space; and, since they’re used only once a year, they may be one of the first things that you think about discarding. If you love celebrating the holidays, keep the decorations – especially the ones made by little hands. Even if your house is tiny, your holidays can still be festive. Don’t pare down your life to the point that you feel dissatisfied. You don’t have to miss out on meaningful celebrations and family memories. Keep the special things that make your heart happy is a self storage unit.


Keep Enjoying Your Hobbies

Camping, fishing, and snow sports require bulky gear that doesn’t easily fit into a tiny home. Even golf clubs and bags can be heavy and cumbersome in a tiny space. A self storage unit will make it easy to live in your tiny home and maintain your favorite hobbies. Now that you don’t have a home that requires constant attention and upkeep, you have the freedom to enjoy your favorite recreational activities. Don’t let a lack of space ruin your fun. 


Sentimental Moments are Important to Your Life

Old family photo albums, souvenirs, and family memorabilia represent your family’s journey. These things are worth keeping so that generations to come have a connection to family history. There is very little space in a tiny home for these cherished memories. The best place for these items is a climate-controlled unit. A self storage unit with climate control will keep your treasures safe from damage and deterioration. 


Final Thoughts

Living a minimalist life in a tiny house doesn’t have to mean lowering your standards or purging your life of things that are important to you. It means that you’re adapting to the lifestyle that you desire while maintaining the areas of your life that are meaningful to you and your family. It may be a life that you love. If you decide it’s not for you, your belongings will be safe, secure, and ready to be picked up in your self storage unit. 

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