Moving Day Made Easy

April 30, 2019 Moving / Organization Tips

No, you’re not having a nightmare. The big day is here. You’re excited, yet anxious, but you don’t have to worry because you have been meticulous in your planning and organization. You’ve read the first two installments of this series,

Self Storage: The Secret Weapon for Your Next Move and Prepping for a Move. You’ve arranged for a reputable moving company, you’ve diligently packed your belongings, you’ve used self-storage for what you don’t need right away, you’ve made arrangements for kids and pets (if you have them), you’ve packed a basic unpacking kit, and you are super organized with your moving planner notebook. You are ready. Or, are you? No worries. The following suggestions will help you to make this your easiest moving day ever!

Be ready to go when the movers arrive.

This seems obvious, but the movers shouldn’t have to call a SWAT team to get you out of bed. If you’re doing a DIY move, you still need to get an early start unless you like the romance of moving under the stars.

Dress appropriately.

You already know that you’re not dressing for dinner at your favorite high-end restaurant, but don’t underestimate this suggestion. Make sure your clothing is comfortable, but not too loose fitting. Any clothing that has long ties or is over sized can get in your way or become caught on something and cause injury.

Schedule kid and pet arrangements early in the morning.

If you have friends or family members watching kids and pets for the day, schedule pick-ups early in the morning. Having little ones around can complicate a move, and it can be dangerous for them. Pets can also be a problem. Caring for them will distract you from what you need to be doing.

Keep a running list of all the little things that must get done.

Last minute jobs have a way of piling up. You know, like cleaning the 5-year buildup of mold in the shower and removing the spoiled yogurt from the refrigerator. Don’t wait until the truck is on its way to frantically begin these tasks. A list will help you prioritize and make time to get these things done before you leave. If you’re into tech, there’s a great moving checklist app for your phone.

Don’t forget your moving essentials/unpacking kit.

As the heading states these are “essential” to getting you through moving day and the following few days. Here is a list to get you started (not necessarily in order of importance).

  • Trash Bags
  • Box Cutter
  • Spray Cleaner and Cleaning Cloths
  • Cell-Phone Charger
  • Hand Soap
  • Toilet Paper
  • Paper Towels
  • Disposable Plates, Cups, Bowls, and Utensils
  • Towels for Each Family Member
  • Shower Curtain Liner
  • Toiletries
  • Pain Reliever
  • Grab and Go Snacks (Protein Bars, Nuts, Pre-Made Sandwiches)
  • Bottled Water

It’s also a good idea to designate someone to go for take-out at meal time. And, don’t forget the movers. They get hungry, too. Allow for extra snacks and drinks for them, and always include them in any take-out orders.

Have cash on hand to tip the movers.

Tipping isn’t required, but it is greatly appreciated. Be sure to have cash on hand because, in this situation, you can’t tip by check or credit card. You will hear varying advice on this, because tips are generally based on the size and distance of the move. It’s best to do some research on tipping movers and base your decision not only on the move itself, but the level of service you receive from your moving guys. If they leave your stuff in the street, you can skip the tip.

Do one final walk through.

You don’t want to leave one of your treasures behind. Open all of your cabinets and closets to make sure that you have everything. What will you ever do without that SpongeBob SquarePants cookie jar? You may have trouble getting it back from the new residents.

These details may seem minor but overlooking them can cause a major disaster. Moving day is stressful enough. Don’t let forgetting that box cutter be the cause of a major meltdown. Above all else, remember this vital tip:  Don’t pack your dog and cat in the same box!  Good luck…it will be over soon.

We’ll have even more great advice in our next installment!

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