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July 17, 2019 Charity

Summer is more than half over, and it’s already time to start thinking about shopping for school supplies. Even if children aren’t enthusiastic about the prospect of returning to the school routine, they look forward to shopping for school essentials. A cool new backpack, brightly colored folders and markers, and trendy new binders are just a few of the items that kids need for school success and self-confidence. After you’ve finished stocking up on all of this fun stuff, you’ll probably visit a favorite local restaurant for lunch where they’ll forage through the bags, examining their new treasures.

After lunch, or maybe the next day, it’s time to go shopping for school clothes. Shopping for your girls will be time consuming and stressful, because they are inclined to pout if they can’t find or have the trendiest, most fashionable outfits. Boys are easier because they don’t need all the accessories. Having the newest, hottest tennis shoes is their priority. Now it’s time to head home, forage through more bags, and wait for the “fun” to begin.

Stop. Right. There. Did you ever think about the thousands of kids whose parents can barely afford to purchase new pens and pencils, let alone fancy binders, backpacks, and school clothes. When school starts, these children not only feel sad (and probably a little envious) but, more importantly, they’re not prepared for academic success. The youngest of these children aren’t even aware of their feelings until they start to realize that they don’t have what everyone else does. This leads to lack of focus, inappropriate behavior, and inconsistent learning.

According to Junior Achievement USA, 60% of parents say that it’s a challenge to afford necessary school supplies. “When a low-income family has to choose between whether or not they are going to go and fulfill the complete school supply list or put food on the table, that represents a larger burden than other families who might have the means to be able to do both things,” said Steve Majors of Communities in Schools.

You can help these struggling families. These kids, just like yours, deserve the tools that they need to reach their academic goals. They deserve to have full stomachs so that they can focus on their learning. They deserve the pride and confidence that comes when they feel good about how they look. 

CDR Charitable Foundation is your vehicle to help underprivileged kids get what they need to achieve. The Chances, Dreams, and Realities Charitable Foundation was created by an educator who cares deeply about his students and their dreams. His vision is to ensure that every child is provided with whatever they need to turn their dreams into the reality of future success and well being. 

CDR Charitable Foundation is aligned with four programs that provide the fundamentals that every child needs for a successful, meaningful classroom experience. FillAPack is designed to make supplies available to students throughout the academic year; PayIt4ward supports the needs of children with a lunch account deficit; Head2Toe provides new and gently worn clothing and shoes to school-age students; and SkyBoundScholars awards academic success in the areas of Math, Science, Language Arts, and Philanthropy within the community. Open your hearts to the kids. They need you.

My Storage Plus is collecting donations at all Texas locations. Check the flyer for addresses and phone numbers. 

Give these students a meaningful gift that gets them one step closer to their dreams.


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