Unconventional Uses for Self Storage: Think Outside the Box

May 10, 2023 Self Storage

Unconventional Uses for Self Storage

Self-storage units have become increasingly popular over the years. They offer a convenient and secure way to store belongings that may not fit in your home or office. However, self-storage units are not just for storing old furniture or seasonal clothing.

As a matter of fact, people are getting more creative with the way they use self-storage units. From turning them into photography studios to using them as art galleries, the possibilities are endless.

Depending on your needs, My Storage Plus has a wide variety of types and sizes of self storage units. They range from the size of a standard closet to large garage-sized units. These spaces are typically rented on a monthly basis, and most facilities offer 24-hour access. If your storage needs are unusual, the staff at My Storage Plus is ready to help find your perfect storage solution.

Unconventional uses for self storage

Unusual Uses for Self Storage

An Art Studio or Craft Workspace

If you’re an artist or creative professional, you may find that your home or office does not provide enough room for your work. A self storage unit can be used as an art studio or workspace, providing a private and quiet environment where you can focus on your projects. With 24-hour access, you can work on your projects whenever inspiration strikes.

To create an art studio or workspace in a self-storage unit, you’ll need to make some modifications. Depending on the facility, you may be able to install lighting, electrical outlets, and heating or air conditioning. You can also add shelving and tables to store your supplies and work on your projects

Ground Zero for Event Planning

If you’re an event planner, you know how important it is to have a place to store your equipment and supplies. Self storage units are perfect spaces for tables, chairs, and decorations. They can also be used to store linens, dishes, and glassware.

Using a self-storage unit for event planning can be a cost-effective solution, as you only pay for the space you need. Additionally, with 24-hour access, you can easily pick up your items whenever you need them. This is especially useful for last-minute events or a change of plans.

A Private Photography Studio

Whether your passion for photography is a hobby or you’re interested in having a professional studio, a dedicated photography studio can give you a place to expand your business or enjoy your pastime.

Commercial space is almost always more expensive per square foot than self-storage, and a month-to-month lease gives you the freedom to cancel at any time. Leasing self-storage gives you the flexibility to add on as your business grows or scale back if you face an unforeseen situation.

Convenience, affordability, and security make self storage the perfect choice to not only store your photographic equipment but to set up a studio.

A Space for Your E-commerce Businesses Inventory

If you run an e-commerce business, you know how important it is to have ample space to store your inventory. Self-storage units can be an excellent solution, providing a secure, climate-controlled environment for your products. You can rent the perfect-sized unit, with most facilities offering 24-hour access.

Additionally, self-storage is a cost-effective solution. Renting a self-storage unit can be much less expensive than renting a commercial space, and you can easily adjust the size of your unit as your business grows.

Make Your Home Rental Appealing

If you’re a property owner looking to attract travelers, you’ll need to provide them with a hospitable environment they can easily settle into. Guests want to feel at home, even if it’s only for a short while.
To achieve this, depersonalizing and decluttering your rental is crucial. Thankfully, a self-storage unit can provide an excellent solution for storing personal belongings, bulky furniture, and other items that your guests won’t need.

Not only will storing personal items help create a more welcoming atmosphere, but it will also make your rental more appealing in photos. This can significantly impact the number of bookings you receive.

Wine Storage

Wine storage is gaining in popularity and self storage is an excellent option to maintain the ideal temperature and humidity for your wine. When searching for a place to store your wine, look for a reputable, secure, climate-controlled space. To ensure that your wines are preserved properly, consistent temperature and humidity control is required year-round.

You’ll need an appropriately sized space for the number of bottles you’re storing. Spend some time discussing options with your storage professional so that you feel comfortable with the arrangements.


Self storage has come a long way over the years. It’s not just for storing old furniture and broken toys. With climate control, power, and 24-hour access, self storage can be your solution for anything from an art studio to wine storage. Think outside the box and you will discover endless uses for the humble self storage unit.

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