Self Storage – The Valentine Gift that Keeps on Giving

February 9, 2021 Self Storage / Valentine's Day / Valentine's Day Gift

It sounds unusual, but a self storage unit could actually be a much-appreciated Valentine’s Day gift. I know what you’re thinking, but hear me out. If you live in a small apartment, or even a large home in which the extra space has been exhausted, a self storage unit could be the perfect gift. You’ll be surprised at how that extra space can be utilized.


Self Storage for the Woman in Your Life

Does your wife or girlfriend have 60 or 70 pairs of shoes and no place to store them? Are they under the bed, behind the furnace and next to the sheets in the linen closet? She could keep those shoes, clean, organized and protected in a climate-controlled storage unit. Ten or twelve huge storage bins and some sturdy shelving should be enough to handle the footwear as well as a few handbags.

Speaking of handbags, self storage is the perfect solution for seasonal clothing and accessories. Who wouldn’t be happy with a storage space that’s essentially an extra closet? Garment racks, shelving, and small dressers could complete the look. If you lease a self storage unit with power, you can even hang a small chandelier. Add a mirror on one wall to use when trying on different outfits. You can even surprise her with a new outfit or designer handbag waiting for her in the unit. Perfect!

Self Storage - The Valentines Gift That Keeps on Giving


And, what about hobbies? If she’s a crafter, she needs a place for supplies that cover every season and every event. Glue guns, paper, stencils, yarn, pieces of wood, grapevine wreaths, and so much more can find the perfect home in a self storage unit. Crafting is a huge business; you might need to look at a warehouse-sized self storage unit. 

The man in your life may not need an extra closet for his wardrobe, but there are plenty of other reasons that he would appreciate extra space.


Self Storage for the Man in Your Life

Does your husband or boyfriend have an antique car in the garage? He would love a quiet space to admire and work on that car without the kids covering it with greasy fingerprints and smearing chocolate all over the windows. Maybe he owns a business and would love a place to leave his work vehicle. This would require a larger space for parking vehicles (and boats).

Speaking of boats, maybe he likes to fish and needs a secure self storage unit to keep rods and reels, tackle boxes, lures, fishing apparel, and his boat. Don’t forget to leave a fun surprise in the unit. A new rod and tackle box, sitting in his new boat would make his day.

Self Storage - The Valentine's Gift that Keeps on Giving

Another very important collection that we haven’t addressed yet is golf clubs, golf bags, and golf supplies. Golfers are obsessed. I’ve seen basements with so many clubs, balls, tees, and bags that I’m beginning to wonder if science has  found a way for them to reproduce. Golfers need the newest drivers, putters, and irons. One set is not enough. You have to be prepared for golf emergencies like a glitch in your short game or an over correction on your swing. These are problems that might be remedied with a different club, so you need a top-notch selection. Be sure that your storage unit is climate-controlled. You don’t want your clubs to deteriorate in any way. It may affect your game. 


Whatever you decide to buy your loved one for Valentine’s day, don’t eliminate self storage. You might be surprised at the reaction!


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