The Kids are Home for the Holidays…What Am I Going to do With All of This Stuff?

December 20, 2018 Organization Tips

I’m going to give them the perfect holiday gift…a self-storage unit!

If this is your first time as a parent with a college kid who has been staying in a dorm, you’re in for a love-hate experience.  You love that your child is going to be home for about a month between semesters because you’ve really missed the patter of their little feet sneaking out when they’re already grounded for sneaking out last week, but you hate that your child is bringing home all that junk that they just took with them.  You’re probably thinking that this shouldn’t happen until the end of freshman year.  You may be wrong about that.  Perhaps they have a roommate who enjoys middle-of-the night phone calls from family in a remote part of the world…like New Jersey. Maybe they are going to be moving from the dorm into an apartment because they don’t like the realities of living with human beings who think that showering is a weekly event. Whatever…it’s still better than having them live in the basement.

This means, of course, that their belongings need to find a temporary home before next semester.

Too Much Stuff, Not Enough Space

You may not want these items taking up residence in your garage or basement.  You don’t need the details, but they will bring home many unfamiliar, and perhaps scary, things.  The mountains of clothes are not really a problem because they will live in the closet from which they came.  However, be warned.  If you sent a girl to school, she will come home with far more clothes and shoes than she left with.  That extra money that you gave her for food was probably spent on shoes.  Now you know why she’s losing weight.

Short-Term Storage Options

You need a short-term storage option that will keep your space just the way it is…full of your possessions. You need something affordable, but with state-of-the-art security, including electronic gates, perimeter fencing, and 24-hour video monitoring.  You need month-to-month leasing because, even if you choose to maintain this space, your student will eventually graduate. It’s time to search for a convenient, reliable, self-storage facility, preferably near the school, and you need to arrange for this before they decide to bring their stuff home for a month.

Check out these tips to help narrow the search for a self-storage unit.

  • Easy and Accessible

You want to be close to the school, but also in a safe area.   Look for 7-day a week access, with moving carts and dollies available, as well as drive-up access.

  • Security and Peace of Mind

You want security not only to keep the things safe, but to keep you student safe.  Look for a clean, well-lit property that is fully fenced and gated with digital video recording and electronic keypad access.  Have the manager take you on a tour of the property, and check to see if a tenant protection plan is available

  • Added Amenities

Depending on the items you’re storing, you may be interested in climate-controlled storage or a free truck with move-in.

  • Discount

Don’t forget to check on available specials, particularly student discount programs.

Whatever you decide, your life will be less chaotic with a short-term storage solution.   And remember to have a serious conversation with your kids.  You don’t want them storing their younger siblings or that roommate that doesn’t believe in personal hygiene. Take a deep breath, only three??? more years of this.  Then…grad school!

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